Tempered Glass Shower Doors,Screens,Enclosures

High quality tempered glass shower doors,shower screens ,shower enclosures,made of high quality tempered glass; Thickness:  5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 12mm 15mm 19mm

The size: according to client’s request.

Color: clear color,euro grey,dark grey,french green,lake blue,ford blue .

Edge: Arc shape ground/ Straight edge Corner: Cut and round

shower doors,screens,shower enclosure

shower doors,screens,shower enclosure








Advantage of Tempered Glass to make Shower Doors,Shower Screens,Shower Enclosures :

Safety is the main advantage of tempered glass. Using tempered glass reduces the risk of injury caused by jagged glass shards. A glass that does not shatter into razor-sharp slivers can be used in places where breakage is inevitable. Tempered glass breaks into small, circular “pebbles” because of the way the molecules bond. It will also shatter evenly and crumble into small pieces even if force is applied at one end.

Tempered glass is easier to clean up. Since it crumbles into small pieces, there are fewer sharp shards and splinters that are difficult to pick up with a broom. Tempered glass can be swept up much like small rocks with a push broom, and thrown away in a dumpster without fear of the glass slitting open the trash bags or injuring a waste management worker.

Tempered glass is much stronger than regular glass. The process used to make it causes a stronger bond between the molecules in the glass. This means the glass can be used in applications that require a stronger surface that is see-through, like windshields in cars and trains, windows in laboratories and glass walkways.

Heat Resistance
Tempered glass is also more heat resistant than normal glass. This is another effect of the process to “cure” the glass. Since heat is applied during the process, the molecules become more resistant to higher temperatures. The glass will not melt or weaken even when flame is applied directly. This makes it ideal for laboratory uses, fire engines and buildings that must be built to strict fire codes.


Edge work of Shower Doors,Screens,Enclosure,Bathstore

Drilling&Silkscreen Printing of Shower Doors,Screens,Enclosure,Bathstore


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