Oven Glass/Gas Panel Glass/Fridge Glass

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We have a full set of appliances glass processing equipment, automatic cutting machine, glass polish machine , CNC machining centers , drilling machines, silk screen printing production line , tempered furnace , etc. , we have supplied for Haier Hisense, Sunsang and  other brands , oven glass , fridge glass , air conditioning glass , heaters glass, gas stove and range hoods glass, cabinets and other products, we have rich experience in the production of home appliances glass , able to provide you with high quality and cheap cost;


  1. Thickness: 2-10mm ;
  2. Tempered glass;
  3. Design: according to customer requirements ;
  4. Colourful, high adhesion;
  5. Size: according to client’s request.
  6. Edge: Arc shape ground/seemed.
  7. Corner: Cut and round

CNC Machine1


silk printing2 cooker glass6

cooker hood glass7 fridge2  cooker hood glass2              gas oven1