Low Iron Float Glass/Super Clear Glass/High Clear Glass/Extra clear Glass

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Low iron float glass is a kind of exceeding clarity and low iron glass, which is also called  Ultra-clear float glass, high transmittance glass. It is a new and high-grade type of grass of high quality and with many functions. It features high transmittance and is crystal clear, top-grade and elegant. Besides, ultra-clear glass enjoys all machinable performance owned by superior float glass as well as superior physical, mechanical and optical properties. Due to its superior performance, ultra-clear float glass will be more widely used and has bright market prospect. Low iron float glass is also called ultra clear glass, it can be used as the cover or base glass for the thin film PV, low iron and high light transmission, this product can help improve the conversion of solar energy;

low iron float glass is widely applied in the following fields of solar energy for its very high sun light and visible light transmittance:
◆ Heat Mirror of Solar Energy
It takes full advantages of extreme reflectivity of ultra-clear glass, improves the concentration effect of sunlight and greatly raises photo-thermal efficiency.
◆ Thin Film Solar Cell
With higher sun light transmittance, it can raise photoelectric transformation efficiency.
◆ BIPV Program
Ultra-clear white glass can be used as both front panel glass of thin-film solar cell and decoration glass for BIPV program. It not only can meet the daylighting needs indoor but also can meet photovoltaic efficacy. So it will be the main trend in the development of building in the future.
◆ Greenhouse Glass
It can accelerate plants photosynthesis and shorten the period of their growth, helping clients to gain more economic benefits.


It enjoys outstanding performance such as high sun light transmittance, low absorption rate, low reflectivity, and low iron content and is the most ideal packaging material for solar photovoltaic and photo-thermal transformation systems. It can largely improve photo electric and photothermal conversion efficiency.

1.Thickness: 3mm  3.2mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm ;

2.size:1830*2440mm  2134*3300mm

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