Shower Glass and Mirror, Safety Glass,Temepred Glass,Bathroom Glass and Mirror,Printing Glass and so on!



Laminated Glass/Safety Glass

InnoGlassandMirror is one professional company on glass and mirror products,Our factory has a complete automated glass mirror processing equipment,including Bottero automatic cutting line, Bottero C type edge polish line,Flat edge polish line, CNC,Silk printing line(max printing size:1.5*2.5meter), Temperature Furnace,laminated production line and so on;

We have one professional production team with much experience on the following produtcs: shower glass door,bathroom mirror,ftameless glass,glass tops, furniture glass,laminated glass,decoratve glass,building glass,home appliance glass ,laminated glassand so on!

Laminated Glass Specification

Glass size: based on custom size,Max size:2440*3660mm

      Thickness: 3+3mm




        Color: Clear; Milky White;Green,Red,Blue and so on;

Glass Type: Tempered Glass or Clear Float Glass


      Building Glass, Swimming Pool Fence and so on;